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This tutorial shows you how to provide your customers with client portal access so they can login, schedule orders, pull reports, and more.

1.  Navigate to CRM> Accounts.

 Image Removed

The Accounts page will be displayed.


2.  Select an account by double clicking.

The Edit Account dialog box is displayed.

In the Contacts tab, you can view all contacts related to the account.Image Removed

3.  Navigate to Contacts tab.

4.  Click CREATE.

The Create Contact dialog box is displayed.


5.  Enter the first name, middle name and last name of the contact in the Full Name field.

6.  Type in the Job Title of the contact.

7.  Select the name of the customer account with which this contact is associated, from the Customer Name drop down list.

8.  Enter mail id of the contact in the Main Mail field.

9.  Enter the various phone numbers such as Business Phone, Mobile Phone and Home Phone in respective fields.

Note:  The fields such as Main phone and Main Email fields are mandatory.

10.  Specify whether or not the contact is main contact by checking or un-checking box in Is Main field.

11.  Select linked address of the contact if any, from the Linked Addresses drop down list.

12.  Click OK.


The newly added contact is updated and displayed in the list.Image Removed

13.  Navigate to Client Portal tab in left panel.

14.  Select the contact from the list.

15.  Enter a unique login name for the contact in Login field.Image Removed

16.  Enter password in New Password field.

17.  Enter email in Email field.

18.  Enable the account’s client portal access by checking the box above the list of contacts.

Scroll down for more options.


You may control what your customer must see or access.

19.  In Financial Visibility section, uncheck all the options to stop the customer from viewing this information.Image Removed

20.  Scroll up and click Send Welcome Email.

A welcome mail is sent to the contact with credentials to log into customer web portal.


You can also navigate to portal link and check what customer can view.

21.  Click Portal URL link.

22.  Navigate to Client login page.


23.  Enter Username and Password.

The dashboard of user is displayed.


24.  Navigate to Schedule Order tab.


25.  Enter details like contact email, phone number, address, city, country, preferred date, time and other information in respective fields.

26.  Click Save.

27.  Navigate to Orders tab in the left panel.


The lists of orders are displayed.

28.  Select the Order Status as Completed.

29.  Select Settlement Report option from the drop down list in the same row of an order.

The Settlement Report page is displayed.


You can also download the Settlement Report.