Build a Resale Item using Addons

This tutorial shows you how to build a resale item using the Addons feature on the Receive Inventory screen.

This can be used for a couple of different situations such as having something in your inventory naked so that when it is ordered by a customer it can be built out of inventory items you already have or maybe you have one computer of one type and you needed to upgrade in the future with other items you received in the inventory to complete the sale.

1.  Navigate to Inventory > Receive Inventory.

The Receive Inventory page will be displayed.

In the example here, OptiPlex 760is selected and you will notice that we have nothing on it. There is no CPU memory on it.

2.  Click Addons.

The Addons dialog will be displayed.

There are two things you can do here –

  • You can create an item to pull something in, that you have loose in the warehouse but you want to assign a customer and keep accountability to what you are putting in this computer.

3.  In the Create section, select the model as 16 GB DDR5 from the Model field.

 4.  Generate the Unique Identifier and Serial Number by clicking the Refresh button.

 5.  Select the type as DDR5 from the Type drop down list.

 6.  Select the size as 16 GB from the Size drop down list.

 7.  Set the remaining fields and click Add.

The item will be received into the system and you will see the little symbol here showing you that it is a Child of a Parent Item which is Dell OptiPlex 760.

Now if the item you going to be attached to it, as a child is already in the system operated.

8.  Navigate to Add tab and you can simple search for the item appear such as SLB9J which is a CPU that we are going to add.

 9.  Select the item and click Add.

Notice that the two Childs of the item are attached to it.

10.  Click Close.

Note: The item is assigned those two items as a child. So when it is attached to the sales order, it will pull those two items in with it because they are assigned to it.