Add an Ebay Account to Magento Admin Panel

This tutorial shows you how to add an ebay account to your Magento Admin Panel.

1.  Login into your Magento Admin Panel.

 2.  Navigate to Sell On Ebay>Configuration.

3.  Click Configuration.

 You will see blocks with titles to filter your view.

4.  Click Accounts.

 As shown, there is one account available that’s tied to this Magento Admin Panel.

5.  Click Add Account to add an account by clicking the orange button at the top.

 6.  Enter the Titlewhich is the user name in the title text entry box. 

If you have setup an Ebaysandbox, then testuser_Razorerp3 is your username. Else if you have a production account type in your production user name.

7.  Change the Environment depending on what type of user you are adding.

In this case Sandbox(Test) is selected in the sandbox. If you are adding your Production ebay account, leave it as production.

8.  Click Get token.

9.  Enter your username and password.

10.  Click Sign in.

If you have added the correct credentials you will land up ina page as shown above where it says that you are granting access to end to M2E Pro.

11.  Click I agree.

At the bottom, under Activated, it says Yes.

12.  Click Save and Continue Edit.

Your account is successfully saved.

13.  To verify that your account is in the system now, go back to Configuration.

 14.  Click on Accounts and you can see that the new account has been added.