Data Grid

We want you to see all information you need in one page. That’s why we improved the Data Grid on the Inventory Detail Screen for you!

In this tutorial, we will show you how to customize the Data Grid to your liking.

  • Pull up the Inventory Detail Screen under Recycling (click this link to know how)


  • Click on the Triple Bar icon beside the Data Type (see sample below) to see the Data Grid menu. This allow you to Pin and Autosize a Column, Add or Remove Data Types, or do a Search.


  • To add or remove Data Type Columns, click on the Three Horizontal Bars and check or uncheck the columns you prefer.


  • To do a Search / Filter, click on the Funnel icon (see the image below) and type the Keyword that you want to find.


  • You may also Pin, Autosize or even Reset a Column by selecting any of these options, depending on your preference.

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