Importing from Excel - Bulk Update (Expense Management)

Ever been in a situation that you have to update each of hundreds of items in your system? While it’s easy to do it in Excel, most ITAD systems might not allow you to update huge amounts of items in one go.

But in RazorERP, you can do this in no time!

In this tutorial, let us teach you how to import Excel files into RazorERP’s Expense Management Tab!

  • Go to the Expense Management Page under Recycling > Settlement (click this link to know how).


  • If you’ll be Bulk Updating, ensure that you are using the exported Excel file from RazorERP’s Expense Management page. To do this, click this link.


  • Enter the updated information into Excel and save the file.
    (In this screenshot, we will update the Shipping Expense and apply it to the entire column.)


  • Go back to Expense Management page and click the Import Expenses button.


  • Select the Filename of the Excel file that contains the updates, and click Open.


  • Click Yes on the Dialog Box to confirm the upload.


  • Now, you should see the updated information uploaded in bulk, in the Expense Management Page!
    (Observe that the Shipping Expenses have now been updated from no value to $4.31)


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