Review an Item's Log from Receive Inventory

This tutorial will show you how to review an Item's Log Activity from the Receive Inventory screen.

Checking out the item log is an excellent way to see all of the sales activity for a particular resale item at the serial-level.

1.  Navigate to Inventory > Receive Inventory.

The Receive Inventory page will be displayed.

2.  Click on any item and view the log of it. In the example here, SLACR has been selected. You can see that not much was happened to the item.

3.  Click LOG.

The log for the selected item will be displayed.

It will display the Logged date, User Login, User name, Email address, IP and Description and Status, which here is unallocated.

4.  Click the second item in the list that has more activity in it.

It will display the same kind of information but has another detail informing that it was attached to your PO. It will also give you the date and time of that.

Any item in the system can be searched in the search bar, and the ones that have been allocated will be displayed. In the example here, E6410 is searched for.

5.  Select and check the box in the E6410 and click LOG.

The log for the selected item will be displayed.

Note: This helps in accountability of the users.