View Your eBay Logs

This tutorial shows you how to view your eBay logs on the Magento admin panel.

1.  Navigate to Magento Stores >Login.


In this case, your Magento Stores is

2.  Navigate to Sell on eBay and click Logs in the drop down list. 


The list of all the activities that have happened in your eBay channel will be displayed.

There are a lot of filtering options at the top. In the example here a date range is run from May3rd to May 5th

3.  Click Search.


All the records for this date range will be shown.

4.  You can also filter by certain actions like System, Admin Listing, etc from the dropdown menu under Action or by Type which also has a dropdown menu with options like Notice, Success, Error, etc.

 5.  In the example, the Type selected is Error.

All the errors on your eBay stores will displayed.

This is a quick way to troubleshoot any errors that you have been experiencing.

If you are using multiple and listing templates, you can filter by a specific template by typing the ID in the text entry box under Listing Title ID.