Quickly Add Items to a Location for Wholesale

This tutorial shows you how to quickly scan items in your warehouse into a specific location that is staged for wholesale, and then create an order by importing items from that location. This is a very fast and easy way to prepare locations for wholesale.

1.  Navigate to Inventory>Receive Inventory.

The Receive Inventory page will be displayed.

2.  Click RELOCATE.

The Stock Move dialog box is displayed.

3.  Select the warehouse location that you want to prepare for wholesale.

4.  Enter the UID number; the items are automatically scanned into location.

 5.  Select the location that the item to be moved in the Update location field.   

The item is now moved to the selected location.

6.  Navigate to Sales> Sales Orders.

The Sales Order page is displayed.

7.  Click NEW.

8.  Select the customer from the Customer dropdown list.


The Load Location dialog box is displayed.

10.  Select the warehouse location from the Location dropdown list.

11.  Click SELECT.

12.  The items in the location are selected. You may click Summary View to view the details.

13.  Click Ok.

The items from the location will now be added to the order.

14.  Click APPROVE to approve the order.

The order is now approved.

15.  You can print invoice by clicking CREATE INVOICE.

The invoice will be generated.