Users, Roles and Permissions

This tutorial shows you how to create users and security roles, assign role permissions at the security role, and then assign users to roles. 

Before assigning a security role to a user, we need to create a security role. 

Add a New Security Role

1.  To create a new security role, navigate to Settings> System Settings.

The Admin Screen page will be displayed.

2.  In GLOBAL SETTINGS section, navigate to SECURITY ROLES tab.

The Security Roles page is displayed.

3.  Click NEW.

The Create Role dialog box is displayed.

4.  Enter name of role in Role Name field.

5.  Enter the description of role in Role Description field.

6.  Click Ok.

The new security role is created.

Now for the security role, you’ll assign privileges or permissions to access various sections of the application.

Add Privileges to a Security Role

A security role can be assigned with permissions or privileges to various sections within the application.

1. Navigate to Settings> System Settings.

The Admin Screen page will be displayed.

2.  In ADMINISTRATION section, navigate to ROLE MANAGEMENT tab.

The Role Management page is displayed.

3.  Select the role from the Role drop down list.

All the available permissions to sections of the application will be displayed.

For each section of the application, various permissions such as Read, Write, Delete and Export are available.

4.  Provide the required type of access for sections such as CRM, Inventory, Purchase, Sales, Recycling, ITAD, Finance, Reports etc., by checking the boxes under Read, Write, Delete and Export columns.

5.  Click Save.

Now the security role is associated with required permissions and is ready to be assigned to the user.

Add a New User

We will create a new user and assign the new security role that we created. The user will now have only the privileges that are specific to the role that we assigned.

1.  Navigate to Settings> System Settings.

The Admin Screen page will be displayed.

2.  In ADMINISTARTION section, navigate to USERS tab.

The USERS list is displayed.

3.  Click ADD.

The Create User page is displayed.

4.  Enter the username in User Name field.

5.  Enter the first name and last name in Full Name field.

6.  Select which page should be displayed initially when user logs in to the application in Start Page field drop down list.

7.  Navigate to Contact tab in left panel.

8.  Enter Primary Email, Main Phone, Time Zone and other information in respective fields.

9.  Select Active checkbox to indicate that the user is active.

10.  Select the Locations based on the selected Time Zone.

11.  Navigate to Security Roles tab in left panel.

The lists of various security roles are displayed.

12.  Select the new security role that you created. You can also select any other security role from the list.

13.  Navigate to Email Settings tab in the left panel.

By default, the standard SMTP email settings are set.

14.  You can change the default email settings to personal email settings by checking the box in the Use Personal settings field.

15.  Click Save.

16.  Navigate to Contact tab in the left panel.

17.  Click Reset Password.

The message box confirming the change of password will be displayed.

18.  Click Yes.

The new user will be added. 

A notification along with user credentials will be sent to the user’s primary email.

You may now log into the user account and verify the privileges assigned.

19.  Login to the new user account.

You’ll see only the pages for which the permissions have been granted.