Checking and Handling QuickBooks Synchronization Errors

This video describes how to review the QuickBooks synchronization errors that occur when pushing database to and from your QuickBooks company file.

1.  Navigate to Settings> System Settings.

The Admin page will be displayed.

2.  In INTEGRATIONS section, navigate to QUICKBOOKS tab.

The Quick Books page is displayed.

3.  In General section, enter the IP Address, Port, Username, Password and File Path appropriately.

You can change the required options from different settings sections. The sections available are INTEGRATION, DEFAULT ACCOUNTS.

4.  In INTEGRATION section, you can set the Order date.

5.  Click TEST CONNECTON to check whether the connection is appropriate.

6.  Open QuickBooks.

7.  Navigate to QRemote Server for QODBC in your system.

8.  Click QODBC. 

The QODBC will be started.

9.  Navigate to Finance> QuickBooks.

The QuickBooks page is displayed.

10.  You can choose various pages like customer, Invoice, Sales Order, Purchase Order etc., from first drop down list.

11.  Select a record from the list available.

12.  Click QB SYNC.

The progress bar is displayed.

You can see that the selected records are being processed to be synched with QuickBooks.

In your QuickBooks, the selected Customer is synchronized into QuickBooks and is displayed in the QuickBooks.

Similarly you can choose various pages from dropdown list and synchronize into QuickBooks.

13.  Navigate to QuickBooks page.

14.  Navigate to Errors tab.

The list of errors is displayed in the Error Details field.

15.  Place the cursor on the error in Error Details field.

The description of that error is displayed.