Receive Bulk Items on a Purchase Order

This video will show you how to open a purchase order and receive large quantities of the same item at once.

1. Navigate to Purchase>Purchase Orders.

The Purchase Orders page will be displayed.

2. Select the purchase order from the list by double clicking.

The Purchase Order page will be displayed in edit mode.


The New Items dialog box is displayed.

4. Select the item number from the Item Number drop down list.

5. Select the condition of the item from the Condition drop down list.

6. Enter the cost of the item in the Cost field.

7. Enter the quantity you want to add in the Quantity field.

8. Select the warehouse from where the items are received from the Warehouse drop down list.

9. Select the location to assign from the Assign Location drop down list.

10. Click Save.

The bulk items are received and the status is set to Received.