Merge Lots into One Master Lot

This tutorial shows how to select one or more lots that you would like to merge with another lot.

1. Navigate to Recycling>Inventory Detail.

The Inventory Detail page will be displayed.

2. Select the items that you want to merge by checking the respective check boxes.

3. Click MERGE.

The Merge Lots dialog will be displayed.

4. Edit the name of the item in the ITEM field.

5. Select the packaging options from the Packaging drop down list.

6. Enter the count in the Item Count field.

Note: You can select the respective checkbox item in the Is Main field. That particular item will be considered as primary item.

7. Click Save. 

The message box confirming the successful merging of the selected slots will be displayed.

8. Click Ok.

You can view that the lots have been merged into one master lot.