Print a BOL for an Outbound Order

A BOL (Bill of Lading) is a document issued by a carrier which details a shipment of merchandise and gives title of that shipment to a specified party.  A BOL is a very important document that's generated in the outbound orders section in Razor.

To print a BOL for an outbound order, follow the steps given below.

1. Navigate to Recycling > Outbound Orders.  The Outbound Orders page will be displayed. 

2.  You can select the orders from statuses such as Pending, Partially Loaded, Completed and Canceled. Simply select the respective tab.

3.  Select the order(s) you wish to print and click Print/Download.  The Reporting Station dialog will be displayed. 

4.  Check the box to print the required report in the Reports section. The available reports are Loading Report, Loading Summary Report, Bill of Lading and Picture Report. In this example, Bill of Lading is selected.

5.  To print, select the required printer from the Report Printer drop down list.

6.  Set the number of copies you wish to print in the Copies field.

7.  To print the report, click Print.


8.  To download the report, click Download.


9.  To preview the report, click Preview.

  The preview of the bill of lading report will be displayed.