Why can't I connect Razor to my QuickBooks?


I can't connect to QuickBooks on the System Settings configuration page.  The URL is https://demo.razorerp.com/Admin/SystemManagement/QuickBooks.aspx.  Why can't I connect?


You must make two firewall changes internal on your company's side. They are listed below. If both of these changes are made below and your configuration is correct, you should not have a problem connecting Razor to your QuickBooks installation.

  1. On the public WAN firewall (the gateway of the QuickBooks server) you have to forward TCP ports 4500 and 8166 traffic to the local LAN address of the QuickBooks server
  2. On the QuickBooks server, there is a windows firewall, you have to open ports 4500 and 8166 to ALLOW inbound connections.

Also verify that you have the following applications running on your QB server:

  1. Make sure that you have QuickBooks running on your QB server and your company file is currently opened:
  2. Start QRemote or restart it if it is already running
  3. Make sure that Remote connector for Quickbooks is also running on the server