What is Consumed WIP Weight and how is it handled in RazorERP


Consumed WIP weight is razors method of taking active inventory and marking the item as processed by taking the weight and moving it to a bucketed WIP Weight. Please review the example and diagram below.

You can see below the way the consumed function works.  In this example, I am showing you how you would potentially process a 1000 lb pallet that came in from an inbound order.  You can see in point 1 we are sorting the pallet into 4 commodity classes (Lot 1, 2, 3, 4).   I then move Lot 2,3,4 to active inventory workflows that will be visible in the inventory detail.  For lot 1, I moved it to the dismantle workflow (It is still visible in active inventory).  When the worker grabs pallet Lot 1 and places it in the actual dismantle line, you will remove the ticket ID and mark in consumed.  This is Step 3 in the diagram.   When you select lot 1 and consume the pallet we are tracking the following metrics in the consumed WIP report; Lot 1/Computer Grade/500lbs was processed on a specific date and time by a specific employee and the reason.    In step 3 I displayed example WIP Pallets/Gaylords that a typical recycler will have in their SORT or Dismantle areas.  At this time these WIP pallets are not visible in the system.  You will make them visible once you go to step 4 and receive a full pallet back into the system.  In the example below, we clicked receive and received in a 1200lb pallet of steel (Lot ID 5).   The bucketed weight for the consumed/WIP area now reduced 1200lbs because we added a commodity/weight back into active inventory.   When we click receive, we will record the following information on a production report.  Commodity, Date, Time, User, Weight.