Scale Integration V1

We will be discussing the scale integration in order to convert a scale into a cloud scale that will be accessible by Razor.

Our current scale we interface with is a AVERY Scale.  We have decided to use the SMA protocal as our core code base to send commands.

The core command to send to pull back the total weight is: <LF>W<CR>

You can use this application to test.

Download this application:  

Key Information

  1. Avery Scales must be set as a Server for the scale head interface
  2. There are typically 2 protocals you can set the head to receive.
    1. Option 1:  Enquiry Mode.  In this mode, to receive weight you must use a Capital W to retrieve the weight back.

Option 2:  SMA Mode:  In this mode if the razor application is set for SMA commands, you must use the command  <LF>W<CR>

Below is an example of a properly setup Razor Scale Application: