What is a snippet?


A snippet is a small piece or brief extract of code that prevents you from having to manually add data. Snippets are often used in email campaigns because they allow you to personalize the email using snippet code like:

Hello |First Name|,

Hello Mike,

Snippets can be called different names like Merge Tags, Personlization Tags, Short Codes, etc. They can also be syntaxed differently, for example, Mailchimp uses Merge Tags (snippets) and they are display using an asetick ( * ) and a pipe ( | ) before an after the tag. So it will look like

Hello * | FIRSTNAME | *

Hello Mike

There shouldn't be any spaces between the asterick and merge tag. I did that to draw emphasis.

In RazorERP, snippets are displayed with two squiggly brackets on either side like this:

{{Purchase Order: Company Name}}