Add column for "Ready to Close" in purchase order data grid


If you have a large purchasing department, it can be difficult to know which orders are ready to go to the next level.  So, we added a column in the Purchase section called Ready to Close.  This column will be used to help you prioritize your purchase order receive workflows.  Here is a breakdown of the status for the column:


GrayDefault. The receiving process has not started yet.

RedReady to be closed. This can be either a manually click or if all items have been received.

GreenClosed. This order has been received and closed.

If a column is marked as red, that means the process has been started.  Sometimes, you may want to close the PO prematurely and if you do, you can click the icon.  A message will appear.

If you want to close the PO, click yes.  If not, click no and finish receiving the order.  Once the order is marked as closed, it will appear as a green checkmark.