Improvements to the RMA process

We made a bunch of improvements to the RMA generation wizard.

  1. Add a dropdown so the user can mass select and apply the return reason.
  2. If the generator chooses "no email", step two still forces the user to add an email (remove if condition equals no email).
  3. Move the verify button to the left as this is the most important button and rename it to Receive RMA.
  4. Add a field so the user can scan a serial to verify for faster, more accurate data entry.
  5. Once a user goes to returns and beings receiving in an RMA, step 2 "Itms Disposition" step should allow the user to select a workflow the item should go to (repair, parts harvest, etc).
  6. Add numbers in the RMA tab so a user can see if there are items that need to be closed.
  7. Rename the last button to say close RMA.