Add or Restrict Warehouse Locations for a User

This tutorial will show you how to add or remove users from main locations to restrict or permit inventory views.

1.  Navigate to Settings>System Settings.

The Admin Screen page will be displayed.

2.  Navigate to Users tab in the ADMINISTRATION section.

The Users page will be displayed.

3.  Select the user by double clicking in the row of the user whom you wish to restrict the warehouse location.

The Edit User dialog will be displayed.

4.  Select the multiple locations of warehouse in the Locations field.

5.  Select the default location of warehouse in the Default Location field.

6.  Click Save & Close.

The user can access the specified location warehouses. When user logs into the system, only the specific default warehouse location details will be displayed.

Note: The user can access only to the selected warehouse locations and all other warehouse locations will be restricted.