Freeze an Account

This tutorial demonstrates how to freeze an account. There are two ways. You can make an account Inactive or Lock it.

  1. Navigate to CRM > Accounts

You can see a list of all the accounts in the system.

2. Double click on the required account. In the example here, account abc123 is selected.

The selected account will be displayed in edit mode.

3. The top section shows the Account Details such as the account name, the rep owner of the account, sales order terms, purchase order terms and customer code. It also has two checkboxes, Inactive and IsLock.

4. To set the account as inactive, check the box in the Inactive field.

5. Click Save.

6. Refresh the page.

7. After refreshing, you can seen that the account number abc123 does not show up in the list of accounts since the view is selected only for the active customer accounts. Observe that the field, Active Customers Only is checked.

8. Now you remove the checkbox and change the view to all customers. Then all the accounts will be displayed and the account Abc123 also shows up allowing you to still schedule an inbound order for this customer.

So when you make an account as inactive, you might think that the account is totally frozen. But that is not the case. Making an account inactive will not make it frozen, but locking the account will make it frozen. Let us now lock the account and see how it works. 

9. Back in the account edit page, uncheck the Inactive checkbox and check the IsLock button.

10. Click Save.

11. Refresh the page.

Now the customer account shows up since the account is active.

12. Now you select the customer account and click Schedule Inbound to schedule an inbound order.

The message box informing you that this account is currently locked and your orders cannot be scheduled will be displayed.

So this is the main difference between making an account Inactive and Locking an account. Locking is the actual way to freeze an account.