Generate a Picture Report

This tutorial shows you how to generate a picture report upon the settlement of a Recycling Order. The picture report captures all of the photos uploaded to the lots of a particular order that were collected at the receive process. When a picture is added to a lot, the image will watermark the lot ID, receive date, commodity name, gross weight, tare weight, and net weight. Multiple images can be added to a lot.

  1. Navigate to Recycling >Settlement

The Settlement list page will be displayed.

2. Double click on the settlement stage for a particular order 10367 for abc123.

The selected settlement will be displayed in edit mode.

3. Review the details of the customer such as the customer name, order number, type of order, contract, order date, warehouse and settled date.

There are tabs below: Commodity, Service, Audit/Test, and ITAD. These are used to settle the order.

4. You can provide a picture report to a customer, may be before settling or at the settlement stage. Using Razor’s webcam, you can take pictures of lots, as you receive the materials into the system.

 5. Click the Picture () icon to view the pictures associated with the lot.

You can have Razor’s webcam integration option and take pictures at different angles. It is possible to take and manage multiple photos for a single lot.

At the top left end of a photo, you will find the following details:

  • Lot–Is the lot number or internal reference number to the Razor system;
  • Date – Is the received date;
  • Commodity – Is the type of commodity;
  • N – Is Net weight;
  • T – Is Tare weight;
  • G – Is Gross weight;

6. To provide a report to the customer with all these photos, click Print/Download button at the top.

The Reporting Station dialog is opened.

 7. In the Reports field, the type of report is automatically selected as PictureReport.

 8. Select the Report Printer from the drop down list.

9. Click Print to print the report.

Note:  You can also click Download to download the report to the system or click Preview to just view the report to see what it looks like.

The Picture Report will be generated.


Review the picture report information on the top. It shows the details like Date, Company Name, Customer Name, Title and Inbound Order Number of the report.