Add a Service to an Order at the Settlement

This tutorial shows you how to add a service to an order at the settlement stage. Typically, your services will be added at the quote or order approval stage, but you may have forgotten to include a service that needs to be included to the invoice. At the settlement stage, we have an easy way for you to add a service.

1. Navigate to Recycling > Settlements

The Settlement list page will be displayed.

2. Double click on the settlement to add a service to an order. 

The selected settlement will be displayed.

3. You can add the service to an order at the settlement stage by clicking on the Service tab at the bottom.

4. Enter the required service in the Service field or select from the drop down list.

Note: All these services are tied to the system settings. As an administrator you can define new service or change existing service.        

5. Select the Audit Report in the Service field from the drop down list.

6. Set the quantity as 1 in the Quantity field.

7. Enter the price. Here the negative number as -50 is added in the Price field.

Note: The value of the price is negative since you are charging customer. The price value is positive when you are paying.

8. You can add notes in the Notes field.

9. Click Add.

The new service row will be added.

10. The Audit Report item is added showing that a $50 is being charged to the customer.

11. In the Sub Total section, you can see that the price of $50 is added at the top here.

You can now add more services.

12. Select service as Certificate of Destruction from the drop down list.

13. Enter the quantity as 1 in the Quantity field.

14. Enter the price as -75 in the Price field.

15. Enter COR in the Notes field.

16. Click Add.

You can see that the certificate of destruction was added.

17. Click Settlement Complete and produce the settlement summary, you will see that these two services were added appropriately and the calculations were made as needed.