Rebuild a Qualified Item

This tutorial shows you how to rebuild a qualified item. The purpose behind rebuilding an item is if there is a discrepancy due to a false build.

This is going to be used in case if there is some sort of issue in the backend. When your items are going up your sales channels and if you just updated the quantity of something that’s in the system, you may want to ensure that it is quickly and correctly updated on your sales channels.

1. Navigate to Inventory > Qualified Items.

The Qualified Items page will be displayed.

2. Search by Part, Manufacturer or Category.


In the top right typing anything related to item you would like to find.


Note that the recently updated items will be on the top.

3. Select the item. In the example here, OPTIPLEX 790 is selected.

After the item is selected, you will notice that there are many buttons enabled on the top.

4. Click Rebuild Item.

It will reload that item and make sure that it is built, pushed, completely qualified and updated on your sales channels.