Add a Tracking Number for a 3rd Party Label

This tutorial shows you how to add a tracking number to a Sales Order if you are using a 3rd party shipping label.

1. Navigate to Sales > Sales Order

The Sales Order page will be displayed.

2. Click on the sales order to add a tracking number for 3rd party label. 

The selected sales order will be displayed. 

So here, we have a sales order that is already been completed. The label has been provided by the receipient but we still need to add a tracking number for packages. In the example here, SO-10385 is selected.

3. Navigate to Shipping tab.

4. In the Package Details section, add a tracking number by clicking the Add Tracking Number button. 

The Tracking Number dialog will be displayed.

5. Select the provider from the Choose Provider drop down list. The available options are Federal Express and United Parcel Service.

6. Enter the tracking number in the Tracking Number text entry box. In the example here, z879678666769 is entered.

7. Click OK.

The tracking number will be added. 

The multiple tracking numbers can be attached to the same order. In case you accidentally added a wrong tracking number, simply select it and edit the number. If you no longer require a tracking number, select it and remove.