Change the Owner of an Account

This tutorial shows you how to change the Owner or Account Manager for an account in the CRM. The Owner is important because all order transactions will default to the account owner and then it can be overwritten at the order-level if needed.

1. Navigate to CRM > Accounts

The Accounts List page will be displayed.

2. You can search for the account at the top right corner or you can use your Tags or Warehouses. So enter abc123 in the Search field.

The search result will be displayed.

3. Double click on the customer.

The Edit Account dialog will be displayed.

At the top, you will find all the important information that is mainly default for this account.

4. REP is the owner of the account. To change this, click backspace. Now all the users in the system will become available. Suppose you had admin typed in, to change the owner, make sure to hit backspace and that clears the field allowing you to see the list of users in the list.

5. Choose Connor. Now Connor will be the default Rep once it is saved.

6. Click Save to save the new rep.

Whenever there is a recycling order or sales order or purchase order, it will always default to the account owner.

It is important to note this because most of the time we are on the impression that it is going to default to the person that is logged in. But actually, it defaults to the owner first and later it can be changed at the order if needed.