Fulfill a Sales Order using a 3rd Party Label

This tutorial shows you how to fulfill a sales order using a 3rd party label. If you aren't using the Razor integrated shipping feature, this is the primary way to mark your Sales Orders as shipped or fulfilled.

1. Navigate to Sales > Sales Order.

The Sales Order page will be displayed.

2. Double click on the required sales order you wish to open. In the example here, SO-10385 is selected.  

The selected sales order will be displayed in edit mode.

Note: This is a totally completed sales order that has been approved and shipped. We already have the items attached and allocated along with comments. Now a third party label generator would be when a customer has already made a label and provided to you through an email or fax that you have made available on ebay or Amazon instead of using the actual generator within the Razor system.

3. In the Attached section, you can download, print and review the label.

4. Click Approve.

5. Navigate to Shipping tab.

6. Scroll down and double click on a package.

The Package Allocation dialog will be displayed.

7. Select the items that are actually going to this package box.

8. Click Confirm.

9. In the Shipping section, set the Length, Weight and Height. The package will be complete.

10. In the Shipment Method section, make sure that the Carrier and Shipping Method details are correct. Select the shipping method as Fed EX Express Saver from the Shipping Method drop down list.

11. Select the ship by as Label Provided by Reciper from the Ship By drop down list.

The message box informing you about the completion and marking of sales order as shipped will be displayed.