How to use a Generated Picklist to Allocate Items to a SO

From the Sales Order screen, select Generate Picklist.  

note: Make sure items are not currently allocated to this SO.

Once the picklist is generated you need to select an assignee, due date if applicable, a priority for this task, and include any notes needed to complete this task.  This will let whoever is assigned this task of any special instructions needed when picking items.

Once completed select Next.

You will see a similar screen with the status changed to In Progress.  Your next step should be to print/preview a physical pick list, it will show you all location where required items are located and quantity on hand.

Once we have physically pulled our items we need to scan them against the picklist.  By scanning each label on these items they will be verified against the pick list, you can also manually add them via UID/Serial.

As we scan items in this module the Items Requested section updates automatically giving you information on how many items are left to pick.

If you are physically picking items after they are added to the Pick List Allocation section, you can mark items as not found if needed, by clicking the dash in the NF column.  This will indicate that the item was not in its location and will re-add an additional QTY to the Items Requested section.

After all items have been added to the allocation section, and physically picked click Next.

The final section of this module is Quality Control.  This step allows you to do an inspection of each item and determine if the quality/specs are met for this SO.  If they are not, the failed checkbox can be selected and an additional unit will be added to the picklist.  You can also include notes on any failed item for further clarification if needed.

Once any failed items have been re-picked and the Items Requested field has been satisified you can click complete to finish the task, and allocate these items to the SO.  You will have the option to mark the task as Fulfilled or Incomplete if you'd like to come back before allocating.

Once we are back at the SO screen, if we refresh you will see that all requested items have been allocated to the SO.