Creating Bulk Locations - Manage Locations

The initially selected warehouse will be automatically selected.

1. Click MANAGE.

The Manage Locations page will be displayed.

2. Navigate to Bulk Locations tab.

The list of Bulk Locations are displayed.

3. Click CREATE.

The Create Level Locations dialog will be displayed.

4. Select the options from the Storage Unit Type drop down list. The available options are Rack, Section and Level.

5. Select the number of racks in the Racks field.

6. Select the number of sections in the Section field.

7. Select the number of levels in then Level field.

8. Select the separators from the Separator drop down list.

9. Select the Assign Locations checkbox.

10. Enter Depth, Width and Height of the locations in the Space Dimensions field.

11. Click Ok.

The message box informing that the locations have been saved will be displayed.

12. Click Ok.

The bulk locations have been created successfully and the inventory can be created for these bulk locations.