Hard drive management

Hard drive management page is designed to simplify working with data destruction information like Status, Drive Size, Erasure Standard etc. 

Here you can easily update or filter and find inventory to export to excel. 

Filters on the top help to quickly filter by the status. Column Settled allows filter out Items in WIP not Settled. It shows Settlement status of asset's inbound order regardless on inbound order settlement view.

The search bar in the upper right corner allows you to search by multiple serial numbers and UIDs. HDD serial numbers must be delimited by space:

Actions → Advanced serial search option helps to paste in a group of serials (up to 200) to recognize found and not found hard drives on that page. They should be separated by a space or a comma.

Scan Asset button under Actions allows the user to quickly scan assets to check, verify, modify and update data. Updating hard drive is similar to updating the asset on Data Erasure tab. So currently there are no limitations on hard drive updates.

Relocate option allows mass bulk change location for several HDDs.

Bulk Update functionality helps to mass select rows in the grid and make bulk edits on fields like: Model, MFG, Erasure Method, Erasure Status, Employee, Erasure Date, Erasure Source, Form Factor, Capacity, Interface, HDD Type.

On the Categories page (System settings -> Categories) you can flag categories as data bearing, so assets without Data Erasure sections that have a category with HDD Management enabled will be included into Hard Drive Management grid. When data erasure fields of such assets are updated – data erasure section will be created automatically.