Each of our clients faces unique requirements to service their clients.  These articles are a guide to some of the most common processes that we have come across.  If, after you have read through these articles, you have questions; send them to your trainer prior to your second training.

  • The Recycling, General Setup section is where we cover of the main tasks to prepare and organize your commodities.
  • Inbound Orders is where we talk about how to get scrap materials as well as undefined bulk materials into the system.
  • Once you have received your bulk commodities into the system, the Processing and Auditing sections discuss methods to process these materials into product prepared for shipment as well as techniques for convert those items that can be resold into /wiki/spaces/RAZ/pages/43384845 through the New Audit Tool and how to keep track of the resale inventory as it moves through you warehouse with the Relocate Material function.
  • For bulk commodities, you can use the Outbound Orders functions to create an order with details about the consignee, load the materials out of your warehouse with a barcode scanner.

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