Utilizing the Global Calendar

This tutorial shows you how to utilize the global calendar for order scheduling.

1. Click Calendar icon.

The orders are displayed in the calendar based on the selected option. The available options are Month, Week and Day. So we can view orders by month or week or day.

2.  Select the type of order to view. The options available are Inbound, Outbound, and Purchase. Here, in this example, all three order types are selected to view by Month.

The orders based on the current month are displayed.

Various color codes show the orders, the items of which will be dispatched by the respective color truck shown in the right section of the page. For example, the blue highlighted orders are being dispatched by 16 Box Truck.

3.  Click the Order to view the shipping details of its items.

The shipping information such as Priority, Type, Pickup Date, Service Time, Departure, etc., will be displayed.

4.  In the Warehouses section in the right section of the page, select the warehouse to view all the orders specific to it in the calendar.

The orders are displayed according to the selected warehouse.

You can use navigation buttons such as and > to navigate to previous month and next month respectively.