Configuring Your Attribute Sets

This tutorial shows you how to configure your attribute sets.

Attribute sets refer to what questions would be asked when somebody is inventorying an item depending upon the category of the master item.

1.  If you are an administrator, navigate to Settings > System Settings.

 2.  Click Inventory Attributes and then select Attribute Sets.

The Attribute Sets section will be displayed.

3.  Select the attribute that you want to change from the dropdown menu under Attribute Set.

In the example below, LCD Screen is selected. It has four attributes – Size, Packaging, Grade and Defect. On the right side, there are 3 different checkboxes.

4.  SKU Effecting: If two different items have two different pieces of information entered in, as a size, it would make them two different SKUs which have to be independently qualified and pushed through the sales channels.

 5.  Editable: For example here, SIZE is not an editable attribute which means that users will not be able to enter in new attributes in this position.

 6.  Required: It helps make sure that the item will not be able to be put into the inventory system unless this field is filled.

If you want to configure them, select something from the Unassigned Attributes column on the right, and use the arrow icons to move the selected attributes to and from the left and right columns.

In the example here, Model Number is selected and brought over to the Attribute Set column. This is a SKU Effecting attribute and it is made Editable. The required field is also checked.

Suppose you decide that Packaging is no longer applicable.

7.  Select it and move it to the right column using the corresponding arrow, as shown below.

You can also add a completely new attribute.

8.  Click New Attribute.

The New Attribute dialog will be displayed.

9.  Enter the name of the attribute in the Attribute Name field. In the example, it is Scratches.

10.  Select the Default Set as LCD Screen.

11.  Select the Type as Integer.

12.  Click Ok.

You can see that the new attribute Scratches is now present in the left column. It is SKU Effecting and required but not editable.

Make sure that you have all the attributes you want in the items all ready, before making it un-editable.

13.  Click Save Attribute Set.

Your attribute sets are now configured.