Notifications Service

The first thing to check when client reporting that no notifications coming are notification settings.

1 Go to Settings > System Settings > Notifications

2 Find the necessary notification and check the limitations of the notification group. If there are number in brackets, then notifications are limited. E.g. at the following picture notifications will be generated only for orders from 2 customers and only for 1 order

To see what exactly customers and orders, press “…” button.

That is the reason why notifications not coming: they are from different customers and orders and client probably forgot that sometimes they added this limitation.

To enable all notifications:

1 Press “…” button from the previous screen and delete all records in the appeared dialog. E.g. for customers:

Do the same for other limitation scopes if they exist.

You should get “(All)” text:

That means: notifications will come for all order and customers.

2 Now you can check the notification that was reported “not working” or ask client to do so.