Equipment and Supplies

This tutorial shows you how to setup your equipment and supplies so that you can easily tell your pickup team which equipment they need to bring onsite to fulfill a work order.

1.  Navigate to Settings> System Settings.

The Admin page will be displayed.

2.  In GLOBAL SETTINGS section, navigate to EQUIPMENT tab. 

The Equipment & Supplies page is displayed.


The Create New Equipment Type dialog is displayed.

4.  Enter the name of the equipment in Equipment Name field.

5.  Click Ok.

The new equipment is created and displayed in the list.

6.  Navigate to Recycling>Inbound Orders.

The Inbound Orders page is displayed.

7.  Click CREATE.

The Creation of Order page is displayed.

8.  Select the service time in the Service field.

9.  Select the pallet count in the Pallet Count field.

10.  Select the total weight in the Total Weight field.

11.  Navigate to Order Details in left panel.

The dialog box is displayed to get the confirmation by which way the specified information should be saved. The options available are As a Quote and As an Order. 

12.  Click As an Order.

The Order page is displayed in edit mode.

13.  Enter the required location details in Location details section.

14.  Select the required number of equipment and supplies in Equipment and Supplies Required field.

15.  Click Save Order.

16.  Select the order from list.


The Reporting Station dialog box is displayed.

18.  Select the type of order from Reports field. For example, Work Order is selected.

19.  Click Preview.

You can also click Download. The order details will be downloaded.

You can view the equipment we added, in Equipment Required field.