How to Schedule an Inbound Order from Accounts

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how easy it is to schedule an inbound order from CRM > Accounts in RazorERP!

  • Go to CRM, then select Accounts.


  • Search for an account using the filter function, then click on Schedule Inbound.


  • The Schedule Inbound sub-page will appear.


  • There are three Logistic Types:
    -Our Trucking
    -Common Carrier
    -Client Drop Off

    For the mean time, we’ll use Our Trucking as an example.


  • To move to the next point, after entering all the required information, please select As A Quote.


  • For the specific information to enter, we suggest that you check the video below:


  • Once all information are entered, click on Convert to Order button at the bottom-right portion of the sub-page. (If this is to be Dispatched, click on To Dispatch button.)


  • Upon clicking Convert to Order, it will send email notification to the relevant people and to the client, informing them of the changes.