Tag an Account

Tags help in filtering the accounts easily. A system administrator can define the tags in System Settings and these tags can be added to an account. This tutorial demonstrates how to tag an account in CRM.

1. Navigate to CRM>Accounts

You can see a list of all the accounts in the system.

2. Double click on the required line item to open it in a new tab. In the example here, customer abc123 is selected.

The selected account will be displayed in edit mode.

The top section has Primary Details of the account. The middle section shows the Primary Contact details and the bottom section shows the Address Details of the contact. Also observe that there is a field for Tags at the bottom. Here you can select the tags related to the account.

When the field is highlighted by placing the cursor in the Tags box, it will show all the relevant tag options available in the system.

Note: If you are a System Administrator, then you can define and setup your tags in the System Settings.

3. Select a couple of tags from the drop down list. If the tag you require does not show up in the list, then you can type it manually in the field and it will auto populate your option.

4. Click Save and Exit.


Now that the account is tagged, you can use the tags in the filters section on the top to filter the account by tag.

5. Enter the tag to filter the account by it and click Apply. In the above example, the tag, Industry/Food & Beverage.

Now you can see all the customers listed under Industry/Food & Beverage tag. You can also export the accounts based on this tag by clicking the Export button. The list of accounts based on the tag filter will be exported to excel format.


You can use this for marking a distribution group. Suppose you have this list in CSV, you can import it into a mail or run a mail campaign based on your tags.

6. To setup tags in the system, select System Settings option from the Settings drop down list.

The Admin Screen will be displayed.

 7. Click Tags.

8. Click on New Group at the top to create a new tag group.

The Create Tag Group dialog will be displayed.

9. Type in the name of the group, description and select the tag types from the drop down list. In this example, the tag type is Customer and click OK.

 10. Once the group is setup, select it and then click New Tag.


The Create Tag dialog will be displayed.


11. Enter the name of the tag and description.

12. Click OK.

The tag will be created. This is how you set up tag groups, define tags and then associate them with an account.