Add a New Freight Carrier

This tutorial shows you how to add a new freight carrier to the system by tagging an account as Freight/LTL and then assigning a carrier to a new order.

1. Navigate to CRM>Accounts > New.

The Create an Account dialog will be displayed.

2. Enter the name of your carrier in the Account field. In this example, R&L Carriers Trucking Company is entered.

3. Fill out the Primary Details of the account.

4. Add the Address Bill To and Ship To details.

5. Click OK.

At the bottom section, you’ll see tags.

6. Type in tag as Freight. From the drop down list, select the tag, Freight LTL.

7. Click Save and Exit.

So a new freight carrier is added.

An administrator can set up tags in the system.  Let’s see the tags.

8. Navigate to Settings > System Settings> Tags.

In every new Razor deployment, the freight tag will be applied automatically.

So we have a freight tag, Freight LTL. You tag the account you want to be a carrier in the CRM and when you schedule an order, you can choose the common carrier.

9. Select the customer and click Schedule Inbound.

A new order will be displayed in edit mode.

10. Check the box in the Common Carrier field.

11. In the Freight Carrier field, you can choose the new carrier that you just added into the account by selecting it from the Freight Carrier drop down list.

This is how you add a new frieght carrier to the system by tagging an account and then assign the carrier to a new order.