Settle an Order Using Processed View

This tutorial shows you how to settle an order using the processed view. The processed view is used for orders that are under a sort-and-settle agreement where the customer pays you (or vice versa) based on the processed material.

1. Navigate to Recycling > Settlement.

The Settlements page will be displayed. From here, you can view all the settlements that are in your system.

2. Select the settlement that you are looking for, by entering the name of the customer in the Customer field. Select the warehouse location from the Warehouse drop down list. Set the date range in the Date Range field. Once your filter is ready, click Apply.


You can also search for the order number by entering the order number in the Search bar.

The search result will be displayed.

3. So once you have the order that you are looking for check the box in the row of the order in order to select it. In the example here, 10367 is selected.

4. Click Settle at the top.

The selected settlement page for that particular order will be displayed.

In the top section, you can review the primary details of the order such as, Customer Name, Order#, Type whether it is an inbound or outbound, Contract, Order Date, Warehouse that it’s tied to and Settle Date.

You can also have a snapshot of all weights that are included in this order like Receive Weight, Tare weight and Net Weight.  Review the Receive Date on which you received them completely.

We will start settling the order and note that we are now under the Initial view.

5. Navigate to the data grid at the bottom.

The data grid has all the lots that are received into the system and are all in their initial phase. If see expand button in a lot, it means that it has sub lots. So you expand a lot and notice that it has sub lots. For example, lot 1509 is broken down into 2 lots such as Computer and Wire-Ribbon Cable generating 2 new lots such as 1513 and 1514 and we have sub lots 1509-1 and 1509-2. So if you want to settle based on the processed view, you will view only the lots ready for generating invoices.

Processed View – Setting an order on the processed view means you are generating an invoice based on the processed lots. Use this view for all sort-and-settle agreements.

6. Click the Processed check box on the top.

In this view, you can see that the data grid is now changed into the processed lots.

7. Add Price for the lots.

8. Once you add your prices to the lots, click Settlement Complete.

The message box asking you to confirm the changing of status as processed will be displayed.

9. Click Yes.

This is because the customer owe us money and so it is going to automatically generate a sales order.

10. Click OK.

To view the sales order, click the sales order number in the top right section and you can see that this order has been Settled under the Processed view.

11. To generate a settlement report, click Print/Download.

The Reporting Station dialog will be displayed.

12. Check the box in the Settlement field.

13. Click Preview.

The settlement report will be displayed. It shows the lots from the process field. The report also shows as Processed.

This is how you settle an order using the processed view.