Master Commodities Page

In this tutorial, we will teach you how to access and use the new Master Commodities Page under Recycling in RazorERP.

This should speed up certain processes that you do in your operations.

For an in-depth video tutorial, see this video we’ve created for you for more information.


  • Go to Recycling, then click Master Commodities Page.

  • You'll see the green lines on the page where you can do an in-line edit.

  • To get started, right click Export to Excel. That will give you all the column headers.


  • On the Spreadsheet, you can setup Default Count, Material Stream, Data Sanitation Status, Estimated Value, Default Workflows etc. which makes a lot easier to manage Master Product Stock. 

    the file once done.


  • Next, click Import From Excel, then select the File that you just saved. 

  • Hit Yes to confirm.


  • Now it's going to Import the products and you will see the specific changes that occurred. if you need to make any changes, you can overwrite it.