How To Use The New Receive Inbound Order Screen

In this tutorial, we will teach you how to access and use the Receive Inventory Page of the new Inbound Orders under Recycling in RazorERP.

This should speed up certain processes that you do in your operations.

For an in-depth video tutorial, see this video we’ve created for you for more information.


  • Select or Search an order and click the Receive button


  • Click Information button to view Information Dialog Box (Service Options, Work Instructions, BOL Attachments, Pictures, Internal Comments and Information)


  • Click Quick button to show the most commonly received items in the system


  • Click Repeat button to show the same item that you last received


  • Swipe left on the item, if you want to edit or print a label


  • Click Quick Search to do a search on commodities

  • Click Receive Order once finished adding all the items