On Hand Inventory Report

This page was designed so you can review your recycling inventory in each warehouse on any date.  RazorERP takes a snapshot of your inventory for each warehouse at the end of the day at 12:00 AM.  The inventory will be available to generate reports for end of year accounting.

In this tutorial, let us show you how to access the On-hand Inventory Report page in RazorERP.

  • Go to RazorERP.


  • Click Recycling.


  • Select On Hand Inventory Summary.


  • You should see the On Hand Inventory Summary page on your screen. This page houses all of your on-hand inventory per day and it captures these information everyday at 12:00 AM.


  • If you want to know your on-hand inventory on a specific time, feel free to use our Date Range search bar located at the top-left portion. Then click the Apply button.


  • To generate a Spreadsheet (MS Excel or Google Sheets) Report, click on the Export to XLS icon at the bottom-left part of the page.