Commodity Tab

The Commodity Tab within the Settlement page allows you to organize all bulk commodities that came in during check-in process.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to go to the Commodity Tab.

  • Go to the Settlements Page under Recycling (click this link to know how)


  • By default, you should be automatically in the Commodity Tab. However, if not, you can just easily click on this tab (see image below) to go back to the Commodity section.


  • We’ve added a new feature in the Commodity Tab called Alternative Name (Alt Name) Column to allow you to better sort items on the list.

    This would allow you to view items based on the category you set in the Alt Name column.


  • You can edit the Alt Name column by clicking on the Alt Name item on the list, then type the alternative name you wish to assign this item to. See the sample below.


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