Add Attachments to a Settlement

This tutorial shows you how to add attachments to a settlement. The attachment section accepts all typical file extensions like .doc, .xls, .pdf, .jpg, .png, etc. The types of files you may want to attach to a settlement may include invoices, sales orders, purchase orders, contract details, etc.

1. Navigate to Recycling > Settlement

The Settlement list page will be displayed.

2. Double click on the settlement inbound order 10367 for customer abc123.

The selected settlement will be displayed in edit mode.


In the right side of the page, you’ll add files in Attachments section. You can add files directly from the computer or just drag and drop files here.

3. Click Add Files.

The Standard Open dialog will be displayed.

4. Find the required file and click Open.

The selected file will be attached to the settlement.

5. You can even drag and drop a file.

6. Suppose you want to view the attachment. Go and click over it.

The attachment file will be downloaded and displayed in a new tab. The type of attachment that you might want to include in the settlement can be the invoices, pictures or contract pertaining to the order.

So you can easily drag and drop the files and retrieve them at a later date.