Add an Attachment to a Sales Order

This tutorial demonstrates how to add an attachment to a sales order.

1. Navigate to Sales > Sale Orders.

The Sales Orders page will be displayed.

2. Double click on the sales order you want to attach a file and open it in a new tab.

The selected sales order will be displayed in edit mode.

Look at the bottom right side of the screen, there is space for the attachments in the Attachments section. There are two different ways to attach an item. You can click Add Files to add files directly from the computer or you can drag drop the files in.

3. Click Add Files.

The Standard Open dialog will be displayed.

4. Find the required file and click Open.

It will upload the file to the sales order so that anyone browsing the sales order can also view the attachment.


A file can be directly dragged from your computer and dropped on the Attachments section.

The files related to shipping labels or purchase order information from the customer can be attached.