Expense Management Tab

This page would show you all audited expense of an asset. This would be helpful for accounting reports such as commission reports.

In this tutorial, let us teach you to access the Expense Management Tab.

  • Go to the Settlements Page under Recycling (click this link to know how).


  • To access the Expense Management, click on this tab (see image below).


  • You could inline edit or add values on different columns like Expenses.


  • Currently, there are different types of expenses that could be added in the Expense Management Page, they are:

    1. Total Expenses
    2. Audit Expense
    3. Erasure Expense
    4. Data Destruction Expense
    5. Misc Overhead Expense
    6. Shipping Expense
    7. Other Expense


  • You could also import and export to Excel from the Expense Management page! This could help you with your reporting or doing a bulk update. To know how, click the button below & go to Next Page.

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