Export to Excel (Expense Management)

Copying and pasting items one-by-one is a huge hassle and an inefficient way of creating reports.

In RazorERP, we have included a feature where you could Export to Excel an entire list of items/products/assets in one go!

In this tutorial, let us teach you how to export to excel in the Expense Management Page!

  • Go to the Expense Management Page under Recycling > Settlement (click this link to know how).


  • Right-click on the Main Grid.


  • Select Export to Excel.


  • Type or select a Filename for the exported Excel file, and click Save!


  • Then, open the file and Microsoft Excel should open with a Spreadsheet that includes all the data from the Expense Management Page.

    (Pro Tip: You could also do a bulk upload of the updates from this Spreadsheet towards the Expense Management Page by importing this file back into RazorERP. To do this, go to the Next Page!)

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