Change an Item on a Sales Order that was Shipped Incorrectly

This tutorial shows how to un-allocate and reallocate an item to a sales order whenever it has wrong item shipped in.

1.Navigate to Sales>Sales Orders.

The Sales Orders page will be displayed.


2. Select the sales order from the list.

The Sales Orders page will be will be displayed in the edit mode.

3. Click Un-allocate( )icon in the row of the item that you wish to un-allocate.

The wrong item that was shipped is un-allocated.

4. To allocate the appropriate item, click Allocate ( ) icon in the row of the item which you wish to allocate.

The Allocate Inventory dialog will be displayed.


5. Select the items which you wish to allocate by checking in the respective checkbox.

6. Click CONFIRM.

The selected items will be allocated and shipped.