Why do two products with identical specs have two different SKUs

We have SKU 24225 and SKU 24717.  They are the same part with the same specs but are in different SKU assignments.  Why?


If this happens, please double check and verify that all of the attributes are identical. In most cases, there is a sku-affecting attribute with a different value. If you are confident that all sku-affecting attributes are identical between the SKUs, then try an item rebuild. You can either rebuild a qualified item which is an individual build, or you can do a full inventory build. The full inventory build will run a re-index of the system in the background and will not affect your work schedule. This may take anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes to execute.

Run a full inventory build by going to Global Settings > System Settings and clicking the button Full Inventory Build.

Allow for 30 minutes to see if the SKUs are consolidated. If there is still an issue, submit a support ticket