Add 'Used-in' tab on the master item page.


We added a tab to the master item modal called "Used-in" so users can cross-reference products.

Example:  Lets say you have a master item for a Printer Motherboard titled Part 123 and Part 123 can be found in three different printer models. In this example, the user will search for Part 123, go to the master item edit screen, go to the Used In tab, and add the three printer models that the motherboard would be used in. This will allow the user to look up the part and see if it is in stock, and potentially see if it is located in other printers that are in stock.

This concept is similar to a BOM but it is backwords.  Typically, for a BOM, you start with the Manufacturer Part Number and list out the quantity of parts needed to build the item.  In this case, you are taking a part and identifying all of the master items that this item can be found in, so if you don't have a part on hand, you might be able to break down another unit to satisfy an urgent order.